• Stittsville, Ontario, Canada
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Iron Horse Honey is a growing honey producer that offers many products, including raw creamed and comb honey. We are located deep in the woods of the K&P trail, near Folger Ontario, with a very unique taste due to our location.

We take great pride in how we keep our bees and do our best to offer top quality honey.

Recent Products

  • Hogan’s Wrap Single
    Hogan’s Wrap Single
  • ERGO 1kg jars
    ERGO 1kg jars
  • Lyson | Dispenser for Formic or Acetic Acid
    Lyson | Dispenser for Formic or Acetic Acid
  • 8 Frame Queen Excluder
    8 Frame Queen Excluder
  • Medium 8 Frame box
    Medium 8 Frame box
  • 5 Frame Nuc Box
    5 Frame Nuc Box
  • Deep Inner Cover
    Deep Inner Cover
  • Observation Hive
    Observation Hive
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